Thursday, November 17, 2011

cool is an understatement.

Tonight I went to a cool, artsy coffee shop in Norman with my sister. Since she is married now, her time is mostly spent doing glamorous things like grocery shopping, laundry, and doing (or not doing) her homework. :) Meet ups have been rare being that she only got married three months ago, so when she suggested coffee, I gladly accepted. Over tea, chocolate cake, and chocolate turtles, we talked about everything from Doctor Who (I got her hooked!), to married life, to money, to Marcel the Shell (video number 2?!?!?), to college, to advice on life. We talked about bad professors, work, hair products and why I should really save money. We talked about relationships, God's calling for us, and why people pleasing is a bad habit. My sister has an amazing, beautiful outlook on life, and I love hearing the way she talks about her faith and her husband. She has a huge heart for missions and a passion for healing people. You can tell from the way she talks and how she believes that she knows the reason she was put on this earth and nothing will stop her from making it happen. Her faith teaches me constantly to trust in God wholeheartedly, and to always believe in my ability and His. She's pretty darn cool in my book, even though I am biased. She's my best friend, and the only one in the world who knows everything about me. So Tiff, thanks for being awesome. and funny. and crazy. I'll stop being sappy now ;)

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  1. Gorgeous picture. Gorgeous girls.

    I treasure my time with my sister too. Sometimes I think it's sweeter because we know it's limited. And when it comes to my sister - and my closest girlfriends (who are like sisters to me) - I love how we pick up like no time has passed at all. It's like they're a part of everything even if they aren't right there with me.

    So glad you had some sweet time together!